Makeup Applications

Traditional Application:
Airbrush Application:
Traditional Juniors (>18):
Airbrush Juniors (>18):


The Flawless Skin!

Skin focused makeup application for perfect the skin.

Using no Shadow or neutral based shadows on the eye.

Soft & Sultry


The upgrade from the natural glam.

Looks focus more on

soft and elegant looks, 

including shimmers & colors.

Includes Minx Lashes.

Full Face Beat Down

All The Work!

All extravagant & detailed eye looks

including any glitter look request.

Includes 5D/25 mm+ lashes.


**This Pricing Applies Only As Upgrades for Full Applications!!!**

Minx Lashes - $10

5D/25mm+ Lashes - $20

Under Eye Glitter - $10

Individual Services

Individual services are salon based only.

Lash Lift


Lash lifting is a technique used to lift your natural lashes, giving it the effect of lash extensions without the process of getting lash extension.

Lasts up to 30 days.

No maintenance required.

Brow Tinting


Using semi permanent, non harmful

henna dye to define the eye brows

Creating a natural brow with

definition & shape.

Lasts up to 2 weeks.

No maintenance required.

Not the work of The Beautie Corner

Strip Lashes

Natural Lashes - $10

Minx Lashes - $15

5D & 25mm+ Lashes - $20

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