Terms & Conditions



  • In the event the Client determines that a postponement of the scheduled appointment is necessary due to Covid-19 health concerns or state mandates, Client must notify The Beautie Corner LLC within 14 days of the original date. The Beautie Corner, LLC will allow Client to reschedule wedding services 1 time within a 12-month period of the original date without a reschedule fee or changes to rates/package pricing. The retainer and all other payments made by Client up to the date of rescheduling due to Covid-19 are non-refundable and will transfer over to the rescheduled wedding date. Any remaining balances due by client under this agreement will be moved to the rescheduled date. Client understands and agrees that it is their responsibility to work with The Beautie Corner LLC to find a mutually agreeable rescheduled date. The Beautie Corner LLC will give Client first choice of all available dates on its calendar within the 12-month period. If Client determines not to reschedule and cancel altogether or choose a new date that The Beautie Corner LLC is not available for, the retainer and all other payments made by Client are still non- refundable, such payments will be credited to Client account, and credit may be used for any type of services offered by The Beautie Corner LLC within 12 months from the date of cancellation. Should Client fail to notify The Beautie Corner LLC of any postponement or cancellation within 14 days of the original date, Client forfeits the retainer and all fees paid. After the first courtesy postponement, in the event Client reschedules the date again, a rescheduling fee of $45 will apply for each subsequent postponement thereafter and The Beautie Corner LLC reserves the right to increase package pricing. This clause supersedes all other clauses under this agreement for Covid-19 related postponements and cancellations only.



  • In the event your previously scheduled date is postponed and rescheduled due to COVID-19, all retainers/payments will transfer to your newly scheduled date within 6 months of previous date.

  • In the event that you cancelled without rescheduling, all retainers/payments are FORFEITED and NON-REFUNDABLE.​

  • A total of 8.5% for tax & processing fee is added to pricing for online bookings.

  • For best makeup application to be achieved, any unwanted hair (chin, upper lip, facial and eyebrows) must be groomed and maintained.

  • Phones during appointments are NOT ALLOWED. Makeup artist needs clients undivided attention for best application to be achieved.

  • Additional guests and children are not to be at appointment unless discussed otherwise if meeting at makeup artist home studio.

  •  A Non-Refundable Retainer Fee of 50% is required at time of booking. Retainers may not be refunded for any circumstance. A credit card is required to book appointment.

  • Same day appointments incur an additional fee of $25.

  • Should a client want to request a time earlier that 8 am, an additional $15 convenience fee is added.

  • Clients that are 10 minutes late incur a $15 Late Fee.

  • If client is more than 15 minutes late, appointment will be cancelled at MUA’s discretion & deposit is FORFEITED.​

  • If booking is rescheduled within 48hrs, an additional $25 reschedule fee is to be added to the remaining balance.​

  • Parking Fees: Where parking or valet fees may be incurred; the amount will be calculated and included in the grand total.

  • Travel Fees: A mileage fee $.55 per mile is applied for on site locations 10 miles from servicing artit base locsa. Toll fees may be incurred. All mileage and toll fees will be calculated and included in the grand total.

  • Early/Late Call Times: All Hair & Makeup Services taking place before 6am and/or after 7pm will incur an additional $50 fee for services provided.​

  • Hourly Rate: The rate for Clients who require additional service time outside of the allotted time slot is $75 per hour. If The Beautie Corner LLC is on location beyond the allotted service time this fee will automatically be incurred. An invoice will be generated, and payment is due upon receipt.

  • If a client is a No Show and does not answer day of services, retainer is FORFEITED, an attempt of full payment with card listed on file for services will be processed. Clients who no show are banned from booking again with makeup artist.

  • Any upgrades must be booked when scheduling appointment.



  • Onsite location not within 10 miles radius of the home location, travel will be added at a rate of $.55/mile. Location varies based upon booked artist home address.

  • Should travel be more than 175 miles, the booking party will be responsible for accommodations for 1 night's stay.

  • Should travel be more than 300 miles, the booking party will be responsible for accommodations for 2 night's stay.

This is to ensure time frame and safety of the team. Late night travel is considered hazardous to travelers and we maintain the safety of our team.


  • Client can choose to pay in full at time of booking. Remainder of services is due day before services. The Beautie Corner LLC requires that all retainers be paid through invoice with a credit card or debit card. Remainders may be paid by credit card, debit card, check* or cash.

*If paying remainder by check, all payments must be made out to & sent to The Beautie Corner

LLC 14 days prior to your wedding date. NO EXCEPTIONS. Should a check bounce for any reason,

check or cash payment method will no longer be an option for payment, an additional $50 fee will

be added, and payments will need to be paid in full 96 hours prior to wedding. Failure to adhere will

result in cancellation & any retainers and/or payments made are forfeited & non-refundable.

  • A fee of $50 per artist/stylist will be applied for each artist/stylist needed to service your party for start times earlier than 6 a.m.